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Career Bridge is a social learning platform powered by BT Intraco Corp. Our programs are designed to help immigrant (professionals and non-professionals) in Canada, seeking to build a new career or continue on a career that requires skills that they already possess and can be leveraged, but with educational qualification that are not readily transferable from their nationality country. We offer programs and courses specifically designed to help our students acquire the knowledge required to extend their existing profile with skills, tools and techniques required to make them eligible for Information Technology, Project Management and Health and Safety career opportunities in the Canadian job

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Our Programs

We design our bridge programs based on the reality that the work experience and educational qualifications that immigrants possess from their nationality countries are not readily or easily transferable to make them for professional career opportunities. Our Bridge Program target professionals and university graduates immigrant who possess IT or non-IT educational background or work experience back from their home countries. Our courses help kick-start a career in IT and further help with building the skills, techniques, confidence and comfort level relevant for professional career opportunities in Canadian job market. Currently our courses cover Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Data Analysis and Web Design and Development Our approach entails carrying out a bridge training need assessment, followed by bridge courses recommendation

This is one of our collaborative approach in which our students and alumni that are more experienced or more knowledgeable in a professional career area help to guide the  less experienced or less knowledgeable ones through a social learning and collaborative experience.

Peer mentor-ship program adopts a mentoring approach that leverage a forum based platform where Career Bridge alumni and associates or (peer mentees) who are already leveraging the benefit of the experience from our programs and working in high paying professional career jobs interactively share their experience, provide resume makeover support, interview prepping and solve practical challenges for students that are new to that experience. It is mandatory for every student to register in the Career Bridge forum. Each student do get matched to a mentee throughout the duration of the course.

Settling down as a new immigrant could have challenges that come with a lot of financial responsibilities. Our entrepreneurship program is designed to transfer to new immigrants the basic knowledge and skills for creating residual income stream through online and web technology

Our e-entrepreneurship program is designed for those that are interested in making full time or residual income by leveraging the digital media, web and social media knowledge to create business and income opportunities .The world is growing digital and electronic. Our e-entrepreneurship program provides complete training courses in Web Development, Digital Media and Social Media, and how to start up digital or e-business and make good income or attain financial freedom.

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